We can make a trailer custom fit to meet your needs!

Custom BAR SERVICE Trailer


Turn a vintage trailer into a traveling bar service!   We can help turn an existing vintage trailer into the perfect coffee or tea center.  A cute trailer is likely to capture interest at any event. All we need is a trailer and we can create the perfect work space to match your business vision!

Do you want to have a mobile FOOD SERVICE?


We can create a custom counter and shelving plan to hold refrigerators or vent cooking stoves or grills.  We can also  add in bar taps for soda or  beers.  Why not create  the perfect  food service using a vintage trailer!  We can help you plan...just drop us a line or give us a call with any questions you may have.  

We finished this Winnebego wine and coffee bar last year!


We take an existing trailer such as a Shasta or a Winnebego or Aristocrat and turn them into  beautiful custom food and beverage service trailers!  Ask us about your vision for a mobile business.

How about a MOBILE OFFICE..let us help you!

A vintage trailer make a perfect traveling office/sleeping quarters for a traveling professional!  As us how to make one for you!

Make a vintage trailer your perfect GUEST HOUSE!

Did you know that Vintage trailers can come equipped with beds, kitchen and a full bathroom equipped with a toilet sink and shower? And as a bonus it adds privacy for you and your guests.  This makes them the perfect guest house.  Ask us how we can help you create your perfect guest house!


Are you tired of tearing down and setting up your event display.  Why not have a permanent set up that you simply have to drive into the event with.  Vintage Trailers are not only eye catching but functional as well.  Why not cleverly display your promotional items equipped with a built in desk for taking orders and plenty of customer seating.  Call us today and we can design the perfect layout to fit the needs of your business!